At the moment we rent our wine cellar, but we are renovating an old Piemontese farmhouse in Brusnengo, where we are going to establish the business and our home.

Being able to produce Bramaterra in Brusnengo, in Mesola on the vulcanic rock and in Lessona on the marine sands of one of the oldest and most historical vineyards of the Denomination, is reason enough to be proud and brings with it the responsibility of valorizing a viticultural and cultural heritage which expresses a whole territory in itself, mirroring it, in the best way possible.”

                                   Andrea e Giovanna


we are

NOAH is a young company born from a dream; Andrea and Giovanna's:

“In 2010 we began our adventure in the world of wine by purchasing our first vineyard in Brusnengo, Alto Piemonte. Our project has grown quickly and in three years we have expanded to work, approximately 3 hectares of land in Brusnengo and 1,5 hectares in Lessona.